Indigo Group is a commercial contractor working to mitigate the risk of HMRC investigation and consequent fines associated with engaging CIS subcontractors on a regular basis.

The level of protection we offer differs from many companies out there, we offer a contracting solution where we actually step into the contractual chain.


Indigo CIS Diagram

The Indigo Group will do all of this for you...

  1. Ensure the subcontractor status is correct
  2. Remove worker status worries
  3. Pay the right amount of tax to HMRC on your behalf
  4. Ensure you avoid penalties for late payments or back-dated taxes
  5. Provide Personal Site Accident insurance and Product Liability insurance
  6. Carry out all the administration, making sure it’s correct to free up your time

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We ensure each subcontractor is covered under both public liability and personal accident insurance while contracting via The Indigo Group. This is something that our clients love as they no longer have to worry about chasing their subbies for insurance documents.

We have been in the industry for over 12 years, paying an excess of 8,000 subbies per week and we can provide you with watertight protection, and second to none customer service.

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Client Testimonial

“CLC Utility Services Ltd has been working in partnership with Indigo since January 2012 and would highly recommend their CIS contracting service to any construction company that engages subcontractors.”

At the initial stage, we had a high volume of subcontractors to register, but the whole process was handled smoothly with minimum disruption to our office. The on-going support towards the subcontractors is of great assistance and freedom to our Accounts Department and I feel we have established a good working relationship with the Indigo Group.”

Helen Mason, CLC Utility Services Ltd

Are you compliant?

  • Do you use the same subcontractors regularly?
  • Have they been working with you for some time?
  • If questioned, would your subcontractors say they work for you?
  • Could your subcontractors be at risk of being taxed as employees by HMRC?

If you answered YES to any of the above, Indigo Group CIS can help you.

We offer a free CIS compliance check

Client Testimonial

“Since engaging the Indigo Group, we have seen some great savings with both time and admin and of course financially. I would highly recommend Indigo’s services to anyone engaging sub-contractors in the construction industry.”

Lewis Smith, Managing Director – LT Scaffolding

Indigo CIS Key Benefits


1. HMRC & Employment Status Risk

✔ We protect construction companies from HMRC attempting to tax any subcontractors as employees (e.g do the subcontractors drive your vans, wear your t-shirts or frequently get paid by clients?)

✔ No need for expensive direct legal advice, it is Indigo’s sole responsibility to comply with legislation – (e.g clients would not go to court to defend any claims from a disgruntled ex-subcontractor or by HMRC)

✔ Subcontractors will not gain employee rights regardless of the duration of work – the liability for financial penalties and backdated taxes related to the employment status of those subcontractors rests solely with Indigo

2. Insurance

✔ Insurance cover – Personal Site Accident Insurance and Public & Product Liability Insurance will be in place

✔ Our clients are no longer responsible for checking the appropriate insurances are in place before the subcontractor attends site, meaning they can legally start the date agreed – no site delays

✔ No more checking the validity and expiry of the insurance documentation whilst jobs are in progress – are you aware when each subcontractors insurance expires?

3. Administration

✔ Now only make payment to one UTR number each pay run (ours!)

✔ Indigo pay the CIS tax for all subcontractors (no more penalties for late returns) or the hassle of making the payments

✔ Freeing up your office/payroll staff to concentrate on other accounting tasks (e.g chasing aged debts and other core admin duties). We also send a text to the subcontractors prior to payday informing them of their earnings!

✔ We provide weekly payment certificates and year-end statements to the subcontractors to make completing their self-assessments simple and hassle-free

Let us help you reduce administration and payroll costs, whilst ensuring you are fully covered when it comes to tax and employment law.

It’s why thousands of people a week choose Indigo.


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