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Umbrella specialists for construction recruitment companies

Managing a temporary workforce can be complicated and overwhelming.  Our trusted FCSA accredited umbrella solution provides confidence for recruitment agencies to demonstrate supply chain compliance when it comes to temporary labour engagement.

The Risk

Are your temporary workforce engagements compliant?

Managing worker engagements can be complicated and overwhelming when dealing with compliance. 

Checking all workers have passed relevant checks, managing key information document processes and keeping paperwork up to date when it comes to paying national minimum wage, holiday pay, sick pay and other statutory requirements can be stressful and brings with it lots of legal risk.

Are you sure your umbrella company is doing the right things to protect you from risk?

With the umbrella marketplace being highly fragmented, it can be difficult to know if you are choosing the right partner to protect you from risk.

And with a lot of scepticism in the media around umbrella companies, and frequent news stories related to tax fraud, it’s often confusing to understand if your umbrella partner is truly compliant.

The good news!

We are an FCSA accredited umbrella company, with 15 years of service experience!

Here’s how we can help


Effective workforce engagement

We specialise in workforce engagement. In short, we have the expertise and experience to accurately and efficiently engage and manage temporary workers with the right levels of compliance, due diligence and full transparency.


Inhouse multi-skilled dedicated teams

Our business development and onboarding teams have multi-industry experience and can cover many different sectors, which means that we’re switched on, knowledgeable and ultra-responsive. 


Highly recommended and expertly managed 

As a trusted FCSA umbrella (or intermediary) solution, we fully manage temporary workforce engagement for you through our MyIndigo online platform – whilst giving you the flexibility, transparency and control you need.

We use a certified DIAFT provider, enabling us to provide a secure, streamlined and convenient onboarding service.


Great benefits and support

Not only do we support agencies and end-clients, but we also offer great support to workers including weekly pay texts, a dedicated customer service team and a great retail discount rewards scheme. 


We take care of business

As a trusted FCSA umbrella (or intermediary) payment solution, we make sure workers earn the right amounts, pay tax and national insurance in the right way, and have transparency of their employment rights.


Hassle-free working

Indigo Employ is the perfect way for workers to reduce the administrative burdens and concerns associated with providing their services to a recruitment agency or end client.

So how does it work?

As the employer, we engage the workforce directly and take on all employer responsibilities.

Then, as an umbrella company – a supply chain intermediary – we expertly manage the connection between you and the temporary workers through our friendly staff and MyIndigo online platform.

Our dedicated team will onboard your business and workers who then work for the end client. Finally, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the end client is happy and your workforce is fully transparent, fully compliant and fully managed.

Working with MyIndigo

Easily onboard your workforce

Registration couldn’t be easier.  Our dedicated team will efficiently and effectively onboard you to our MyIndigo platform.  Holding your hand every step of the way, they are there to make the process simple and straightforward for everyone, whether you’re an agency or a worker.

Working with MyIndigo

Indigo payments with full visibility

Manage all your Indigo invoices in one central hub. Use our extensive search and filter functions to check payment histories and enjoy full visibility with our yearly summary dashboard.

Working with MyIndigo

Keep all your compliance checks in one place

Easily view and manage all your checks ready for auditing. Whether it’s right to work or modern slavery, the MyIndigo platform will give you full supply chain transparency.

We use a certified DIAFT provider (Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework) company, enabling us to provide a secure, streamlined and convenient onboarding service.

Give your workforce a little extra with MyIndigo

Packed full of industry partners, financial stats and discounts.