Subcontractor engagemet solutions

Commercial contracting services, HMRC subcontractor verification & a whole lot more

By stepping into the contractual chain, we save you time and money and enable you to work with subcontractors on a long-term basis in a way that’s effective, legal and safe. We successfully work as CIS compliance specialists for a wide range of businesses.

Do you engage self-employed workers, but not construction?

Learn how we can help you and your business today.

The Risk

Do you know if your sub-contractors are truly self-employed?

HMRC could attack the subcontractor’s engagement status, even if you have your own contract and procedures in place. They could argue that they are workers or employees of your business.

Engaging self-employed subcontractors is a complicated matter. Getting it wrong could attract tax liabilities and penalties causing significant disruption for your business.

Are you managing your CIS responsibilities correctly?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the rules for how payments to subcontractors working in construction must be handled.
The scheme can be a minefield and getting it wrong could lead to HMRC penalties and disrupt your subcontractor’s earnings and tax payments putting them off engaging with you.

The Good News!

We can help you get it right.

Here’s how we can help


A safe pair of hands to keep you compliant

By stepping into the contractual chain as a Commercial Contractor, we not only professionally assess, engage and verify subcontractors with HMRC, but also take on all the commercial, legal and tax responsibilities of contracting. 

As an FCSA accredited company, your business and workforce are in safe hands. In a nutshell, we help you to work with subcontractors on a continuous, long-term basis in a safe and legal way. 


A simple, safe and cost-effective way to manage subcontractors

Take the hassle and risk out of managing subcontractors with our MyIndigo online platform.  Once you’re set up, our dedicated team and bespoke digital platform will manage everything for you.

From verifying subcontractor’s UTRs and insurances, to checking right to work and modern slavery, to taking care of remittances and invoices, we’ve got it covered. 


Time for a CIS check-up?

If you use the same subcontractors on a regular long-term basis, they could be at risk of being classed as employees by HMRC.

It’s a fine line between getting it right, and getting it horribly wrong. That’s why, we offer a free CIS compliance check to find out if you’re on the right track.


A smart and safe way to subcontract

The subcontractor is our responsibility, and we ensure you have a totally transparent and compliant workforce.

It means that we manage everything for them, from initial vetting, HMRC verification and setup, to regular email and text updates. We also provide weekly payment certificates and annual statements of earnings to help keep their self-assessments simple, safe and hassle-free.

Managing subcontractors doesn’t get much easier or smarter than through our MyIndigo platform.


Avoid tax and late payment problems

Remember, even if you have a contract in place and believe your workforce are self-employed, HMRC may successfully argue that they are not. If that happens, you could be liable for a hefty tax bill, late payment penalties, and worse, reputational damage for your business! 

We remove the risk by directly engaging the subcontractors, managing their CIS status, and taking full responsibility for deductions and payments to HMRC.  This helps you and the subcontractor avoid any minefields.


A dedicated team just for you

Our friendly, straight-talking Business Development Managers and dedicated registration teams manage everything for you in a clear, safe and straightforward way. 

They are always on hand for help, guidance and ongoing support.  So, whether you need tax, payroll or compliance-related advice, we can provide the help and support you need.

Working with MyIndigo

Manage the supply chain

Registration couldn’t be easier. Our dedicated team will efficiently and effectively onboard you to our MyIndigo platform where you can keep fully up-to-date with engaged Indigo subcontractors, access registration profiles, view right-to-work details and check compliance status. Our team will hold your hand every step of the way, making the process simple and straightforward for you and subcontractors alike.

Working with MyIndigo

Indigo payments with full visibility

Manage all your Indigo invoices in one central hub. Use our extensive search and filter functions to check payment histories and enjoy full visibility with our yearly summary dashboard.

Working with MyIndigo

Upload and manage payment notices

View, upload and easily manage contract remittance and payment notices at any time, with notifications from Indigo when files have been accepted. We use text messages to let subcontractors know how much payment they’ll receive, backed-up by weekly remittance notices showing all deductions and expenses.


All managed through our platform MyIndigo

Keeping your workforce safe and compliant.

Take a look at what our customers have to say

“Great service right from the start of working with Indigo. Our operatives have full knowledge of payments being received and access to their information. Utilising Indigo has also helped with our CHAS and SafeContractor annual audits due to the robust checks they have in place for new operatives.  We would highly recommend working with Jordan, Katie and the wider team at Indigo. “

“Our experience since engaging the services of Indigo has been very positive. The team have walked us through the whole process and has always been on the end of the phone or email to resolve any questions we have without any delay.”

“We use the Indigo MyIndigo Platform to onboard our subcontractors which has streamlined the process and freed up our admin time. More importantly, we know all our subcontractors have the relevant and correct checks, including the required insurance policies and compliance documentation. “

“Since engaging the Indigo Group, we have seen some great savings with both time and admin and of course financially. I would highly recommend Indigo’s services to anyone engaging sub-contractors in the construction industry.”

“Ever since we started to use the services provided by Indigo our subcontractor payments have been made so much easier, they have definitely helped lighten our workload. If anyone is looking for a highly professional service with a personal touch you can’t go wrong with Indigo. An absolute pleasure to do business with. “