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HMRC CIS verification checks & more: Straightforward contracting solutions for construction

We check subcontractor engagement, HMRC CIS verification and a whole lot more.

How to verify a subbie with CIS

To ensure correct tax deductions, contractors must verify each subcontractor with HMRC before a payment is made. Then, HMRC will confirm if the subcontractor is registered with CIS and the rate of deduction you need to use.

With different types of subcontractors requiring varying information for verification, it’s essential to know what you need to do to stay on the right side of HMRC.
To verify a subcontractor, you must gather the following information:

For self-employed individuals:
  • Full name (or the business name provided during CIS registration)
  • Personal UTR (unique tax reference number assigned by HMRC)
  • National Insurance number
For those operating through a Limited Company:
  • Company name
  • Company registration number
  • Company UTR (unique tax reference number assigned by HMRC)

If the subcontractor hasn’t enrolled with HMRC as a subcontractor, they must complete the registration process before verification and payment. Information on the registration process can be found here.

How can Indigo help?

By engaging subcontractors and taking on all the responsibilities

By engaging subcontractors and taking on all the responsibilities, we enable you to work together on a long-term basis in a safe and legal way.

We do this through our hardworking, dedicated team of professionals and a bespoke central workforce online platform called, MyIndigo.

Not only that, our MyIndigo online platform will also save you precious admin time and money, while helping protect your business from potential compliance risk.

Why is that important?

If you don’t get your workforce compliance right, you could end up in very hot water.

Before a Contractor can pay a new Subcontractor, they must first verify them with HMRC, then examine their TAX status (HMRC again) before a single payment can be made.

HMRC can attack your business or the subcontractors you engage if they believe they are an employee. This all could attract tax liabilities and penalties causing significant disruption for your business.

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The Indigo 5 Step Action Plan

Our Contract solution protects your business from employment status and tax risk, and removes the administrative hassle of CIS with our tried and tested 5-step action plan.



We review your contracts, operating practices and CIS processes



We engage directly with subcontractors in a legally compliant manner



We assess all subcontractors for their right to work



We verify subcontractors with HMRC for CIS tax status



We manage weekly CIS and subcontractor payments

We reduce risks:

  • By making subcontractors self-employed status our responsibility
  • By taking on the liability for any financial penalties or backdated taxes related to their employment status
  • Access to subcontractor public liability and personal accident site insurances
  • We protect subcontractors from being taxed as an employee by HMRC
  • By paying the CIS tax for all subcontractors
  • By complying with all necessary legislation there’s no need for expensive direct legal advice
  • We are FCSA accredited to ensure compliance is up to date 
  • We help you to start jobs on time and to eliminate costly site delays

Clear and Compliant Contracting

By stepping into the contractual chain, we save you time and money and enable you to work with subcontractors on a long-term basis in a way that’s effective, legal and safe. We successfully work as CIS compliance specialists for a wide range of businesses.

So, how does it work?

We engage the workforce directly (verifying them with HMRC) and take full responsibility for their self-employed status.

As a Commercial Contractor (sitting directly in the contractual chain) we then manage the direct link between your business and the subcontractors.

Our registration team will then onboard your business and subcontractors to our secure and fully transparent online platform, MyIndigo. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Business Development Manager to smoothly guide you through the process.

What does MyIndigo offer?

A unique, central online platform for managing people and payments in a safe and secure way.

Everyday business couldn’t be easier with the My Indigo platform. Connecting several services to provide you with real time transparency of supply chain compliance and helping you efficiently manage your invoice and remittance processes.

  • Central platform to manage your business & the subcontractors

  • Keeps you safe and compliant

  • Fully-managed communication through messages and notifications

  • Only make one payment to one UTR number each pay run (ours!)

  • Weekly subcontractor payment certificates and year-end statements

  • Text alerts for subcontractors prior to payday informing them of their earnings

  • Full workforce transparency

  • It frees up your office staff to concentrate on other tasks


Your central workforce solution.

Talk to us today to safely and effectively manage your workforce.