The Indigo Group Story

Great people providing great service and unbeatable solutions


It started with vision, experience and determination 

The Indigo you know today started to take shape in London during the credit crunch of 2007.

Against a challenging business backdrop of businesses going under and competitors cutting corners, it became clear that there was room for a solutions provider with a new approach.

Providing a more professional service

Experienced in construction and commercial contracting, we soon recognised the need for a more professional and trusted commercial contractor service. That realisation has underpinned our direction, ethos and continued growth to this day.

A merger of skills and knowledge

In 2014 we got to know Ian Cole-Wilkins (FRS co-owner and now Indigo CEO) and immediately recognised his shared values and impressive knowledge of the sector. 

A merger with FRS followed, as did opening a Cardiff office to service our regionally loyal clients.  Our focus then turned to compliance, managing risk and developing the right digital platform for the job.

We’ve come a long way since our construction-led birth in 2007. 

Today, we are your go-to provider for trusted workforce contracting solutions.

Our London and Cardiff offices are thriving, our team has grown and our (now digital) services represent a wider range of business sectors. 

We have merged skill sets, rebranded and are very happy to be the go-to provider for trusted multi-sector connected workforce contracting solutions.

Connected solutions that protect your business

Today, our expert team are providing the solutions you need for commercial contracting, worker engagement, outsourced payroll and compliance.