Group Companies

The foundations of the Indigo Group come from the our central companies

Indigo Service Solutions

ISS is the legal entity behind our Commercial Contracting Operation you will see as Indigo Contract. Providing services to clients from a variety of sectors, engaging numerous self-employed sub-contractors.

Its main office is situated in Teddington, London.

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Peach Contracting Limited

Peach Contracting Limited is our other legal entity providing Commercial Contracting Operations that holds Net CIS Status with HMRC.

This company’s main office is based in Teddington, London.

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FRS Contractor Solutions Limited

FRS Contractor Solutions is the legal entity behind our Employ and Payroll brands. Employ, our Umbrella Company offering, and Payroll, our outsourced payroll bureau services.

The main office for these solutions are situated Cardiff, South Wales.

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Indigo Platform Limited

Indigo Platform Limited is the digital part of our business. It owns and manages MyIndigo (Indigo’s free platform for both commercial customers and subcontractors) and offers a wider supply chain assurance solution via the Insero brand. 

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INSERO coming soon…