What we do

Temporary workforce compliance management

We are specialists in multi-sector workforce engagement and payment solutions

How do we do that?

By efficiently and effectively engaging workers across a wide range of business sectors

We are a trusted FCSA umbrella solution (recruitment supply chain intermediary) that effectively engages multi-sector temporary workers.

We comply with HMRC and GDPR legislation and construction sector regulations. We also take on all the legal responsibilities as an employer ensuring that statutory employment obligations, including taxes and employment rights.

Through our MyIndigo online platform, we also help you drastically reduce your admin and payroll costs.

In addition to supporting agencies, we also provide workers with holiday and sick pay, right-to-work checks and a great discount rewards scheme. All of which benefit workers and agencies.

Why is that important?

To avoid temporary workforce headaches

Employed on both long and short-term basis, temporary workers are great for fulfilling specific duties within a certain time frame, or to meet the demand for products or services during busy times of the year (Christmas, for instance).

However, managing a workforce can be complicated, overwhelming and downright confusing. Not to mention, expensive! 

We don’t employ workers with temporary in mind. With no setup or exit fees, Indigo Employ offers an easy way for you to ditch the overwhelm and gain a cost-effective, thoroughly vetted, tax-compliant and legal workforce

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Our three step action plan

Indigo works in a simple and straightforward way. We’ve introduced a 3 – step action plan, which means you know your workforce is fully transparent, fully compliant and fully-managed.



Directly with workers in a legally compliant manner including providing KID.



All workers with relevant checks and with HMRC for tax status.



Weekly and monthly payments.

What we cover:

  • Workers maintain full employment right
  • Protect workers by complying with all necessary legislation
  • Ensure compliance is up to date, by working with FCSA
  • Thoroughly assessing workforce ready for work
  • Keep an updated GDPR security process
  • Make sure your workers are vetted, ensuring jobs can start on time with no costly delays
  • Provide public and employers liability insurance
  • A secure, streamlined and convenient onboarding we use a DIATF (Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework) certified company.

Trusted Worker Engagement

Working with minimum fuss to provide maximum service, we make engaging and paying a temporary workforce as simple, cost-effective and pain-free as possible.

So how does it work?

As the employer, we engage the workforce directly and take on all employer responsibilities.

Then, as an umbrella company – a supply chain intermediary – we expertly manage the connection between you and the temporary workers through our friendly staff and MyIndigo online platform.

Our dedicated team will onboard your business and workers who then work for the end client. Finally, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the end client is happy and your workforce is fully transparent, fully compliant and fully managed.

What does MyIndigo offer?

A unique, central online platform for managing people and payments in a safe and secure way.

Not only does it help you to work together on a long-term basis in a safe, legal and effective way, but it also reduces risks, saves you time and money AND provides protection for your business.

  • Central platform to manage your daily workload & workforce

  • Keeps yousafe and compliant

  • Fully-managed communication through messages and notifications

  • Only make one payment each pay run 

  • Weekly worker payslips and year-end statements

  • Text alerts for worker prior to payday informing them of their earnings

  • Full workforce transparency

  • It frees up your admin to concentrate on other tasks (e.g. ensuring everything is running smoothly for your end client)

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    Your central workforce solution

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