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Avoid the red card, keep subcontractors on the pitch

The risk

Do you know if your sub-contractors are truly self-employed?

HMRC could attack the subcontractor’s engagement status, even if you have your own contract and procedures in place. They could argue that they are workers or employees of your business.

Engaging self-employed subcontractors is a complicated matter. Getting it wrong could get you in the sin bin, attract tax liabilities and penalties causing significant disruption for your business.

Are you managing your CIS responsibilities correctly?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the rules for how payments to subcontractors working in construction must be handled. But unfortunately, there is no referee to keep you onside.

The scheme can be a complete hospital pass and getting it wrong could lead to HMRC penalties and disrupt your subcontractor’s earnings and tax payments putting them off engaging with you.

The good news!

We can intercept and help you get over the line.

Clear and compliant contracting

By stepping into the contractual chain, we save you time and money and enable you to work with subcontractors on a long-term basis in a way that’s effective, legal and safe. We successfully work as CIS compliance specialists for a wide range of businesses.

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So how does it work?

We engage the workforce directly (verifying them with HMRC) and take full responsibility for their self-employed status.

As a Commercial Contractor (sitting directly in the contractual chain) we then manage the direct link between your business and the subcontractors.

Our registration team will then onboard your business and subcontractors to our secure and fully transparent online platform, MyIndigo. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Business Development Manager to smoothly guide you through the process.

What are the benefits for your business

  • Protect you from subcontractor employment status issues
  • You are shielded from future tax liabilities
  • You will avoid tax penalties from late filing and missed deadlines
  • Reduced admin will save you time, to focus on your other business challenges and opportunities
  • Access to our MyIndigo platform for full transparency of subcontractors profiles
  • We review your contracts & procedures and protect you from risk
  • We ensure all subcontractors are covered by the correct insurance policies
  • Remove the administrative burden of CIS compliance
  • Friendly, professional and expert team with a dedicated Business Development Manager
  • We are an FCSA accredited company, which means that your business and workforce are in safe hands

All managed through our platform – MyIndigo

Keeping your workforce safe and compliant.