What we do for agencies

We provide the most reliable workforce engagement.

We take full responsibility

The worker becomes our responsibility and we cover full employment rights. We fully accept all legal and tax responsibilities and check all legislation before work can begin.

Easier to manage

Managing multiple clients and accounts is easy with our Employ solution. We have a tried-and-testing onboarding process to thoroughly check all employees. We then keep all relevant data stored in our MyIndigo platform – making it an easy central point for workplace or worker audits.

Reducing the risks for you

We are a trusted FCSA accredited company and GLAA certified company that fully accepts all the commercial, legal & tax responsibilities of the workers. Our expert team are CIPP qualified and are always on-hand for tax & compliance guidance.

Keeping you risk-free

A trusted and reliable solution

We are an FCSA accredited specialist in multi-sector payment and engagement solutions. Working with a recognised body means all our procedures are verified and approved, leaving you in safe hands.

Using a certified UK DIATF (Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework) provider means our onboarding process includes digital right to work, bank account and address checks.

And as a certified GLAA (Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority) partner, we can ensure that exploited and vulnerable workers are protected.

We are an established company with many years of experience, and we pride ourselves on knowing our industry!

What are the benefits for your agency?

  • We review your workforce and protect you from risk
  • We cover all employee rights (like holiday and statutory pay)
  • Free use of our MyIndigo online platform, for full transparency of workers and their documents
  • Onboarding includes digital right to work, bank account and address checks through a certified UK DIAFT provider
  • We distribute weekly payslips & annual P60s
  • An FCSA accredited company, which means that you and your workforce are in safe hands
  • Workers receive full cover of employment rights and are paid at least the national minimum/living wage
  • Auto enrol workers into pension scheme
  • Friendly, professional and expert team with a dedicated Business Development Manager
  • We make sure your workers hold the required insurances
  • No setup or exit fees, plus your contract with us is not time or job-specific
  • Reduced admin will save you time, to focus on providing a great service.

Your central workforce solution.

Talk to us today to safely and effectively manage your workforce