What we do for workers

Peace of mind & support for workforces

The most reliable and flexible way to be a contract worker

Full employment rights

You’ll receive at least the national minimum wage and full employment rights including holiday pay, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity/paternity pay.

You’ll also be entitled to pension auto enrolment and be provided with payslips and a contract of employment. 

Get great rewards and benefits

Indigo Rewards provides you with discounts of up to 55% at over 130 top UK retailers and attractions including B&M, Costa, Just Eat and Sky Store. And through our industry partner iWork, you’ll have access to up-to-date workers’ rights and advice.

Reduce the risks of temporary work

We don’t employ with temporary in mind. We are an FCSA accredited company which means you’re in safe hands. Plus, our dedicated registration and customer service teams are on hand for ongoing advice and support.

We also have a range of helpful calculators to provide you with guidance. 

Online management through our platform

Our easy-to-use platform stores your financial profile and documents in one place. You can access them at any time, from any device.

We’ll text you each pay run, send weekly payslips and upload information automatically when payments are processed. 

You can access, download and print your payslips ad year-end P60s at any time, if needed.

Keeping you risk-free

Safe, legal and hassle-free working

We provide worker engagement services to a recruitment agency or end client. Indigo Employ is the perfect way for you to do it safely and legally with loads of added benefits.

We are an FCSA umbrella service provider (or trusted go-between) for agencies, end clients and workers alike.

We employ workforces directly and take on all the responsibilities of an employer, including the contract of employment, tax compliance, payments and full employment rights.

Our reliable staff are CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals) qualified, ensuring we provide the highest standard of compliance.

How does it work?

We employ you directly and take on all employer responsibilities

Our friendly registration team will set up your profile on our MyIndigo online platform. We’ll then manage your payments, tax and the ongoing connection between you and the agency.  

Finally, you get to work for your chosen agency or end client in a totally legal, safe and compliant way, and we take care of the rest.

We’ll text you each payday to let you know how much pay you’ll receive, then safely email you a weekly payslip showing all deductions and expenses.

PS: Your profile, payslips and up-to-date documentation are all stored on MyIndigo, where you can safely access them at any time, from any device.

What are the benefits of working with Indigo?

  • You’ll be paid (at least) the national minimum wage, with a full contract of employment
  • We cover holiday, statutory sick & statutory maternity/paternity pay as well as enrolment into a pension scheme
  • Weekly payment texts, remittance advice & annual P60s
  • Access to a MyIndigo where you can access Indigo Rewards and a range of other benefits and partnerships
  • Friendly, professional and expert team, always on hand to offer guidance
  • We are an FCSA accredited company which means that you are in really safe hands.

But that’s not all…

Reward your hard work.

In addition to having your profile and financial information stored in one secure place on MyIndigo (with easy access at any time, from any device), you’ll also have access to a range of helpful PAYE and umbrella guides.

On top of that, our friendly customer service team is on hand – by phone or via email – for any ongoing help and advice you may need.

And finally, you’ll have access to Indigo Rewards – a great rewards scheme giving you discounts of up to 55% at over 130 top UK retailers.