Indigo Group Environmental Policy

Our mission

Here at Indigo Group, we recognise that we have a duty to protect the environment whilst carrying out our business operations. We are committed to implementing strategies that reduce our environmental impact as well as adhering to all relevant legislation and regulations. Our customers, suppliers and employees are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly methods with regard to our services. We aim to review our strategies on a regular basis in order to identify areas of improvement.

Our aims

Further to our environmental policy, we will continue to:

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

  • Monitor the progress of technological advancements that may assist with our mission.

  • Improve and reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Promote employee awareness and training.

Office Supplies

In order to reduce paper waste:

  • Our office is paperless where possible;

  • Printing is double sided where possible;

  • Paper, cardboard and plastic receptacles are provided to promote the recycling of such waste; and

  • We seek to purchase recycled and recyclable paper products.

With regard to office supplies:

  • We continue to evaluate alternative, environmentally friendly options from our suppliers;

  • We evaluate the environmental impact of any potential products and favour those thatare more environmentally friendly; and

  • We reduce, reuse and recycle everything we are able to

  • We only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste, recycling where possible.

Energy use
  • All electrical equipment and lighting is to be switched off when not in use;

  • Heating is adjusted to be energy conscious; and

  • Energy consumption is to be kept down as much as possible.

  • We promote cycle commuting and provide bike shed facilities to staff;

  • We encourage car sharing to work and meetings offsite;

  • We promote the use of video conferencing and email to reduce travel to meetings; and

  • We try to source our products locally to cut down on fuel consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.


Our subcontractors will:

  • Conserve energy, materials and land as much as reasonably practicable, having regard to safety, performance and availability;

  • Report on all requirements prior to the start of construction and follow all relevant guidelines throughout the project;

  • Adhere to all regulations that are in place;

  • Receive quarterly training with regard to construction-related environmental issues.

Our strategy
  • We promote the above within our new employees’ induction sessions and provide regular training for all staff. Email reminders are also sent to staff with regard to our policies where necessary.

  • Our policies are reviewed annually and whenever appropriate, i.e. if a more sustainable option becomes available.

  • We continue to work with suppliers and contractors to improve their environmental performance.

Responsibility for our policy

Rhys Jenkins, Group Operations Director is responsible for ensuring this environmental policy is implemented, and that environmental management procedures are monitored and regularly reviewed. However all employees have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of this policy are met.


Due to the nature of our business, environmental incidents and complaints rarely occur. However, when complaints of an environmental nature are received, they will be recorded and addressed by our legal/compliance team, and where appropriate would be reported to relevant environment agencies. Complaints and incidents will be reviewed in line with our environmental policy and management procedures and where considered appropriate, the policy may be amended to reflect any changes necessary. Any such changes to the environmental policy will be communicated to staff.

Rhys Jenkins

Group Operations Director Jan 2022